Letter of support from Susan Achen, January 25, 1999
Dear Nathan Miley
Chair, Public Safety Committee

As a health care professional who works with expectant families, I wish to solidly endorse the pending resolution proposed by Mr. Jordan Riak. Adoption of this resolution will help to educate the entire world on the social evolution of children's rights. As a country we continue to advance human rights. What better way to promote humane treatment of children than to legislate that no one has the right to physically violate them?

I truly believe that Oakland would be heroic in declaring itself a "no-spanking zone". If Oakland fails to move with the social trend away from violence against its young, some other grand city will have the honour of being first to speak out on behalf of the children. It is my hope that the statements put forth in Mr. Riak's resolution will come to pass. Why? For the sake of all children.

Susan Achen

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