Principal Darrell Alexander's letter of August 31, 2001 to Ms. D____

Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 1:16 PM
Subject: Re: Discipline

Ms. D____,

I will no longer be able to correspond with you through e-mail after this response. I feel at this time I have given you enough time and rationale behind my decisions regarding the standardized dress policies and procedures.

There are two of your concerns I would like to address:
1. Availability of clothes-
You had expressed concern over the limited amount of stores making standardized dress available. Below are some retail stores that currently make the appropriate dress available:

Wellborns, Walmart, JC Penny, Target

2. Discipline of Students-
According to local Board Policy (FNCA-Local) under Violations, #3 states, "Blatant violations or repetitive violations of a similar nature shall be treated as insubordination to authority. Such violations shall receive punishment appropriate to the offense." #2 states, "...If the parent cannot be contacted or is unable to come to school, the student shall spend the remainder of the day in isolation or in-school suspension." A full description of this policy can be found at the following web-site;

In an effort to focus on instructional issues, further questions and/or concerns regarding this policy or it's interpretation should be addressed through the office of Tim Turner, Director of Administrative Services (281)388-1130.


Darrell Alexander
Principal, Harby Junior High School

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