Letter of support from Ross Andleman, January 24, 1999
Dear Nathan Miley,
Chair, Public Safety Committee

As a Board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, a parent, and a resident of Oakland, I completely support and applaud the efforts of PTAVE to eliminate corporal punishment. I urge you, in the name of Oakland's children and for their future, to adopt the resolution declaring Oakland a 'no spanking zone'. Corporal punishment can undrermine a child's self-esteem and his ability to trust in the authority of others, not just that of his parents and teachers. Please support this resolution. violence begets violence; understanding and appropriate limit-setting begets a civilized society.

Ross Andelman, M.D.
Child Services Research Group
UCSF, Department of Psychiatry
44 Montgomery Street, Suite 1450
San Francisco, California 94104-4602

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