Letter of support from Glenna O. Auxier, January 26, 1999
Dear Chairman Miley:

There are many reasons to praise and honor the work of Jordan Riak and his quest to abolish spanking but the most urgent reason to listen and abide by his information on the subject is that there are methods of raising children using other forms of teaching and guidance that really do work. These other methods are not permissiveness or coddling. In fact it is for certain that permissiveness and coddling are both disrespectful methods of raising children, because these methods do not teach children to be successful in the real world. Neither does spanking.

You have in California as we have in all states and Canada, other methods of raising children who are respectful, loving, able to say , "no" to drugs and grow up to be productive, honest, people. Please look to these methods, and start by abolishing that "quick fix spank" that doesn't work for the long term. I am a parent educator who has taught over 8,000 parents courses that help children and parents create more peaceful homes. You are to be praised for considering such a resolution as the No Spank Zone and your wisdom in passing this resolution will be seen in times to come as a step toward world peace. After all, peace begins at home. Please feel free to call me at 352-375-1874 or contact me through this e-mail address. Sincerely,

Glenna O.Auxier, Director
Positive Divorce Resolution, Inc
Keys to Peaceful Parenting.
2815 N.W. 13 Court
Gainesville, Florida 32605

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