[Letter on stationery of McMurray University, School of Education, Abilene, Texas.]

Jordan Riak, Executive Director
P.O. Box 1033
Alamo, CA 94507-7033

Dear Director Riak:

Dr. Terry Northup, Dean of the School of Education, received your letter of November 23, 1998 and asked me to respond. You asked about the instruction our teacher education candidates receive. I use extensive materials from various sources to teach the ills of corporal punishment, but the bulk of the information comes from the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, 155 W. Main Street, Ste. 100-B, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or at 614-221-8829.

The title of the course where I use the above is Careers in Education, C & 12210. This is an introductory course which should become Introduction to Education in the future. The topic surfaces again in the American Public Education course, C & 13302, when we study the legal issues in education.

I hope that this information has been useful. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Marla K. Banks, Ph.D.

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