Renae Bonnett, mother of three, comments on Ezzo
November 26, 2000
As a parent of 3 children, 2, 11, and 14 years of age; I thought I had heard all there was to hear regarding spanking. I am shocked and sickened by this "Ezzo" character and while I would be the first to confess that advise on child rearing can be contradictory and confusing at times, this person is clearly dangerous. I hope since most postings I read from were dated in 1999 that he and followers have been stopped and that people that were misguided by his "teachings" have sought out help for themselves and for their children. What a tragedy that someone would warp the tender and loving examples of God into an excuse for abuse on the most innocent and defenseless. Don't parents have a rough enough time controlling themselves under stress without this to justify their moments of weaknesses and replacing those natural instincts to nurture and protect with idiotic propaganda of extreme right-wing philosophy?

Renae Bonnett

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