Barbara Rogers Letter to the Editor of the Boston Herald Barbara Rogers Letter to the Editor of the Boston Herald
re: "Time to Spare the Ron," Mike Barnicle, Nov. 16
November 23, 2004

To the editor

The article "Brookline, time to spare the Ron" is unprofessional because it does not seek to inform. It does not deal with facts or reality, does not intend to enlighten readers, but attempts to ridicule contemptuously Ron Goldman’s important, exciting work. It does not communicate information about the pain and consequences—for the individual and society—of the physical abuse of children. This abuse is allowed to be labeled as “for your own good” only in regard to children. Even in jails it is called torture.

The author of this article, Mike Barnicle, must have learned to regard and treat the very serious matter of childhood pain as useless imagination that has to be derided. The article reveals nothing but his own ignorance and insecurity, to say nothing of an uncaring contempt for the ordeal of children who are being spanked and hit. Children are human beings. They need our respect and humanity. The article shows what children would have to fear in an environment where Mike Barnicle is in charge: ridicule, contempt, “harmless” spanking, derision, put-downs like “who do you think you are?” (“Game-Boy, J-Pods, Fruit Loops, lip rings and dressing like a tart at the age of 12? I mean, if Brookline wants to establish itself as a world-class busy-body why stop at spanking?”) and other humiliations and degradations.

After reading "Brookline, time to spare the Ron", I have a clear image of Mr. Barnicle’s denial, and an idea of the atmosphere of his childhood—but none of the reality in which many children still have to struggle every day. I am so glad that there are courageous people like Ron Goldman who try to change their, and humanity’s, fate.

Barbara Rogers
Chicago, IL

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