Pamela Miller's Letter to the Editor of the Boston Herald Pamela Miller's Letter to the Editor of the Boston Herald
re: "Time to Spare the Ron," Mike Barnicle, Nov. 16
November 19, 2004


In response to Mike Barnicle’s letter to the editor, it’s obvious that Mike Barnicle’s insulting and condescending comments about the character of Ron Goldman are just a pathetic attempt to kill the messenger. Mike Barnicle is unable to present a logical and fact based pro-spanking argument because such an argument can not be made, not now, not ever. Instead he is trying to divert attention away from the issue of hitting children and draw attention to his delusional character flaws of Ron Goldman. This tactic can be seen by the playground bully who name calls the compassionate and brave child who happens to be defending the bully’s victim. There’s a good chance that the bully will succeed in silencing the child that stands up for what is good and decent if he can persuade that child that others are laughing at him. However, Ron Goldman is not a child and knows that the only people who would be laughing at him are those who haven’t yet learned the truth about child hitting.

To add to Mike Barnicle’s already transparent motives to deceive people into believing that Ron Goldman is an oddity… a freak if you will, he continues to fail to address the issue and persists with his attack on Mr. Goldman’s credibility in stating that Mr. Goldman doesn’t even have children so he cannot possibly know what he is talking about. Any thinking person realizes that one need not have children in order to be educated and compassionate regarding children and their needs any more than one needs to have pets in order to desperately care and desire the end to the hitting of animals. At least the law no longer sanctions the hitting of our pets.

I am disappointed that the editor of the Boston Herald would publish a letter that’s sole purpose is to defame a person’s character, a person who wants only to give children the right to grow up without being hit, without feeling they deserve to be hit in the name of love.

Pamela Miller

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