A Study in Contrasts
Letters to Project NoSpank from two writers
July 5, 2005

Hi. I live in the UK and was brought up in a devout Christian family. Their excuse for physical punishment was their Christianity. I'm in my 30s now and still a Christian. I do not, however, think they were at all justified in the way they treated myself and my siblings. It has left me with many problems for which I still receive counselling. The infuriating thing is their belief that what went on was right even to this day. The thought of striking helpless children makes me feel sick and frustrated.

Thanks for emailing me back. I do have a big problem with violence against children. I am pretty amazed how much my upbringing has affected me. I stumbled upon your website whilst I was looking for support for victims of abuse. The church we went to when I was a child encouraged this kind of behaviour but my family took it to extremes. My sister eventually confided in a Church member about what was going on at home but they seemed to take great pleasure in informing my parents about what had been said, this made things worse obviously. I'm so pleased to have found your website. I realise I am not the only person who has also suspected that this kind of abuse may also have been sexually motivated. I guess I will never know what went on in their minds but I can make sure that if I have my own Children they will feel loved and protected. Thanks again. I would very much like to be on your mailing list. I have kept this email address separate form my other so no-one will know about my problems.

hello..my name is terry. i was just randomly searching the net tongiht and read some horrific stories about casa by the sea in ensenada mexico. id just like to say that these stories upset me very much. i was a student at casa for almost 3 years. these stories i have read, not only here but elsewhere in the media and net disgust me. they are all written by teens and/or parents who are completely blind. my time at casa by the sea saved my life. i spent 3 years there. i wont lie, they were the 3 hardest years of my life, but by NO means was there any form of torture, deprivation, or brainwashing. thats insane. my parents sent me to casa due to my hellacious behavior at home and in school. drugs, sex, skipping class, violence, u name it i did it. when i first arrived at casa i didnt speak spanish and i didnt understand what was going on. i didnt want to change..i wanted to go home. and i wrote my parents numerous letters and made up any story i could no matter how false just to make them bring me home. none of the stories were true. i now have a husband and a family an awesome job and a relationship with my father that i love. unfortunately i lost my mom to cancer while i was in casa. i owe my life now to the staff of casa by the sea. they helped me see the error in my ways by SELF DISCOVERY, not brainwashing. thats insane. i made the best friends i have ever had. i still keep in contact with them today. casa changed my life and i am grateful to them. i am in college now, psych major. i plan to get my degree and one day work for WWASP. these stories u have posted disgust me. these people that write these letters and people that never completed the program. all i have to say is...is that if this website is going to post stuff like this..u need to do your own research instead of basing opinions solely on the stories people make up.

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