Paula Flowe Takes Aim at NC
A letter to NC Education Policy Makers

By Peggy Dean, RN, Member of Board of Directors, PTAVE, April, 2008

Dear North Carolina Official:

I am writing to share the fact there are now several You Tube videos up that document the child abuse that is tolerated in North Carolina schools.
See Paula Flowe's YouTube videos at

I am also writing to ask that you break your code of silence that enables this abuse to continue, and join me in putting an end to corporal punishment in North Carolina Schools. It is more than shameful that our only recourse for abused children is the media at this point. Professionals who can and should have intervened have failed to protect our children and kept them in harm's way. North Carolina is gaining national attention as a state that allows child abuse in schools to continue.

Paula Flowe serves on the Board of Directors with me on the national organization called Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education. She is also the founder of a new campaign called "The Hitting Stops Here," and has launched this campaign here in North Carolina. She is returning for another week starting April 19, and coming to Robeson County in an effort to encourage this district to ban corporal punishment. This is in direct response to the neglect on the part of local and state officials who have turned a blind eye to acts of child abuse that have and are happening in our schools.

It is past time for the North Carolina School officials and lawmakers to protect our children from school sanctioned child abuse. Will you help to become a part of the solution? Your silence only protects the abusers. What will you do to protect the children in North Carolina Schools? I eagerly await your response.


Peggy Dean, RN
Member, Board of Directors
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education



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