Japanese Exchange Student in Vulnerable Circumstances in Florida
News Central Asia, September 15, 2005

PRESS RELEASE: A 16-year old Japanese student has been placed in the home of a parolee by the following student exchange program:
The Foundation for Academic Cultural Exchange, F.A.C.E., 4104 NW 68th Drive, Gainesville, FL 32606
Directors: Richard and Beverly Moss

Mr. Moss, Director of F.A.C.E., stated to Danielle Grijalva, Director of the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, that the host father is on parole until July, 2006. Mr. Moss included that the host father was convicted in Georgia for burglary, wherein he served 144 months (12 years) in jail. He added, the host father's wife's ex-husband 'is in jail for life for sexual misconduct."

Mr. Moss confirmed that the natural parents have not been apprised of the fact that their daughter has been placed in the home of a parolee.

It has been confirmed with the St. Augustine Police Department and the Sheriff's Department that host father has nine charges against him. Phone: (904) 825-1070 per Dispatcher #2010.

Florida Parole Commission, Supervisor Cheryl Lewis stated, "She shouldn't have been placed in this home. I would think he'd be investigated first." Phone: (904) 825-5038. The host father's Parole Officer Nona Miller is for "high risk offenders" Supervisor Lewis included.

As the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students stated to Mr. Moss, we make no excuses for the protection of children.

This matter has been turned over to Mr. Stanley Colvin of the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. Mr. Colvin can be reached at (202) 203-7415 or ColvinSS@state.gov.

Danielle Grijalva, Director
Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students
P.O. Box 6496
Oceanside, CA 92052

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