Attorney General Van De Kamp's response of 12/1/89 to Jordan Riak
December 1, 1989

Dear Mr. Riak:

On behalf of Attorney General Van de Kamp, I've reviewed the material you sent complaining about Mr. Harlan Van Wye's purported quotes in the Sacramento Bee. You request a prompt, unambiguous response.

Here it is: Mr. Van Wye's letter represents our considered opinion as to the state of the law, put as clearly as is possible in the absence of a definitive court decision.

I don't know what Mr. Van Wye said to the papers, nor do I know whether he was accurately quoted. I do know that the letter he signed has been reviewed and approved by his superiors, and represents the views of the office as opposed to simply being his musings. Please feel free to communicate Mr. Van Wye's letter to any person interested in this subject with complete confidence that it accurately states the opinion of the Office of the Attorney General.


John K. Van De Kamp
Attorney General

Nelson Kempsky
Chief Deputy Attorney General

cc: Richard D. Martland
Chief Assistant Attorney General

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