If this isn't domestic violence, what is?
Dr. Robert Fathman's letter to the Editor of the Cincinnati Post, January 27, 2006

Cincinnati Post

Re: Former Councilman Sam "Malone describes whipping his son" 1/26/06

Dear Editor:

Former Councilman Sam Malone is the poster child for child abusers. "Hospital pictures show welts on the boy's buttock, back, stomach, arms and legs, including at least one mark that appeared to be from a belt buckle," according the article, and Malone is quoted as telling the boy he was going to "beat the black off of him." The welts show he fairly well succeeded in his intent. This former boxer-wrestler-power lifter "adult" admits he wrestled the boy to the floor, and beat the fourteen year old, who was clad only in his underwear, numerous times. Malone says he took off his own shirt to hit the boy to increase his "range of motion." Pretty scary. Whipping the boy with a belt wasn't enough, he needed to really get his shoulder back to hit with more force.

Judge Russell Mock should throw the book at this brute. Anything short of a conviction and full sentence makes it open season on kids in Ohio. If this act of violence isn't domestic violence, what is? Substitute "wife" or "elderly parent" for "son" in the story of this whipping, and there would be no question about the judge's ruling. If Mr. Malone did this to an animal in Ohio he would face months in jail.

Send a message to the child abusers, Judge Mock. We're a civilized society that will not accept or tolerate this barbaric treatment of children.

Robert Fathman
Dublin, OH

From WCPO.COM, May 14, 2005:

...Arnold Dillard, of Walnut Hills, says he lived next door to Malone before the councilman moved a few months ago to 852 Lincoln Avenue.

He says the arrest doesn't surprise him.

"This window right here in the middle -- you could actually hear screaming from there, and telling him, 'Stop Dad, stop'," said Dillard...

From WKRC.COM news report, May 16, 2005:

Shows child's injuries and plays portion of child's 911 call.

View video (Wait for commercial to finish.)
If the video clip is no longer available, listen to audio portion.

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