The child is not allowed to talk to the parents
A letter to Project NoSpank from a worried mom

June 1, 2002

Please help me.

I have a child 9 years old that the father and I have joint custody over. He is having trouble with the child. He has residential custody. He is wanting to send our child to a boot camp in florida for 6 weeks where the child is not allowed to talk to the parents the entire time. You MAY, call the counselors. I feel a child that young is not able to deal with the ruggedness of such. I am getting an attorney to try and stop this. I am supposed to have a say in the child's upbringing. I have visitation anytime with 24 hours notice, but he is refusing to let me get him. He is looking for a way to punish the child and me. He is a little boy. When I have him, he is sweet. He does have trouble in school, I feel from ADHD. I need all the information I can get to keep this from happening. The child is unhappy living with all of dad's girlfriends. Please help me with some information. Dad doesn't want to mess up his summer; and I want the child with me. I am turning in papers, as the father is in contempt of court, for refusing to let the child come here. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Thank you,
Gay Williams, worried mother.

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