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April 6, 2004
My son needs help! A letter from Robin Currin, mother of Brandon.
mother's and son's letters of March 29, 2004. Their contact information is on the linked page.


April 1, 2004
Hi friends,

I'm talking with a grandmother who is trying to help research a place for her granddaughter. She does not have control of the situation, but is helping with info. The kid almost went to Beth Hell in Mississippi, but the grandmother did her homework.

The 16-year-old girl isn't really doing anything that wrong, just lower grades than they would like, and running away a few times. (Parents are divorced. Maybe hidden problems.)

In any case they are considering a Teen Challenge program. This advertises itself mostly as drug rehab. I wrote to the director and asked if they practiced "CP" at any of their US institutions. Of course he could lie or be mistaken. I also wonder if they are academically certified. It would be ironic to send a kid to a place with zero academics because you didn't think her school grades were up to snuff, which would have certainly been the case at Beth Hell.

In any case, although I think in nearly every case the families could do a better job than the institutions, it would be nice to find some kind of alternate program for those who are hell bent on sending their kids somewhere -- a place that we could actually recommend, or at least not raise any known red flags over.

If Teen Challenge isn't good, does anyone know of any program that is?

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March 19, 2004
My nephew attended bethel academy for 9 months. During this time he was beaten, shocked with and electric prod and witnessed children having to hang on to an electric fence. He had a whole tube of toothpatse squrited in his mouth because he told his mother he did not have a toothbrush. What are the measures to follow to put an end to this academy once and for all and to get the appropriate people behind bars.
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March 7, 2004
Not sure if Ive come to the right place.
Briefly I have visible deep tissue scars due to strapping with both a lether strap and cane.
Between the ages of 6-9 I was repeatedly strapped to stop me writing left handed. Between 10-12 I was caned for diciplinary reason's.
What do I do about reconciling these issues ie. legal or other
Your reply would be most helpful. By the way I am from Australia.
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March 6, 2004
Dear Jordan,
I'd like to know if you have ever come across any research linking child abuse to past and current pediatric rehabilitation methods employed with physically handicapped children. I've been looking into this matter for some time and have found no information so far.I've got a strong personal and professional interest in this because of my own experience, and would be very grateful to get any information.
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March 4, 2004
hi, I'm wondering if you know anything I can tell my sister. Her daughter, 15, (in Texas) was grabbed and kind of pulled by her teacher. The teachers here and there keep doing this to her, and she freaks when they touch her so roughly. Can anything be done? Also, she doesn't know how to go about getting a waiver against corporal punishment, the school says there is no such thing.
Thank you! L.
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March 4, 2004
Hello Mr. Riak:

My name is ________, I was fortunate enough to hear you speaking at Healthy Partnerships in _________, Cal. a couple of weeks ago.

How are you? Thank you for the emails and keeping me updated. I am so glad to have met you, as I have a question that I may not otherwise have known where to direct it.

My daughter, who is 13 years old, and in the eighth grade just informed me that the police conducted a search at her school. Apparently there was an incident involving the _________ Police Dept. and them hearing a seventh grade girl possessing marijuana.

The girl was searched, as well as at least ten other students which nothing to do with the situation.

I am unsure of the police having the right to search any student without a parents permission. I don't know if they will continue this nonsense tomorrow with the eighth graders, however, I am telling my daughter that if they approach her she is to tell them I said not to search her without my permission and they need to contact me. If possible, could you send me some info on this matter. It would be greatly appreciated. I hope to find that there is laws to protect children from such actions.

Sincerely, K.
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February 29, 2004

I have a kindergarden child that has came home and told me about his teacher grabbing his face and squeezing his cheeks together and has left cut marks on the inside of his cheeks due to pressure applied. This is the 2nd time he has told myself and my wife and I also asked him if she does this to other students and he replied Yes and started naming kids that he has seen this same thing happen to them... What should we do? We do however live in ARKANSAS and I do agree with spanking when spanking is necessary and is supervised by a non bias individual....Can you help !!

M. (Arkansas)
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