Letter to San Francisco Chronicle, by Kenneth Knudsen, January 29, 1999
I don't know which made me more sad--Matier and Ross's cynical column (January 22) or Jerry Brown's lack of vision. Signs at the entrance to Oakland about not spanking may seem silly to some, but if we could spark a discussion about this form of child abuse, it would go a long way toward educating people about how counterproductive this practice is.

It is certainly beside the point what Leno and Letterman think. Our discussion about ebonics, capitol punishment and the pending execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and child abuse show that Oakland is in the forefront confronting the issue of violence in our society.

I think that this form of child abuse is not just an issue for each family and it should be at the center of our discussions about crime and education.

Kenneth N. Knudsen, Oakland

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