Letter of support from Steve Lamb, January 25, 1999
To: Nathan Miley, Chair, Public Safety Committee

Dear Mr. Miley,

I've been following with great interest the story of Jordan Riak's efforts to introduce his resolution to make Oakland a "no-spanking zone" to your committee tomorrow. I support his resolution and encourage you to adopt it. This is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Oakland to take its place in history. I believe this issue will prove to be very significant in the coming months and years. I've read a lot of the material on this issue and wholeheartedly support Mr. Riak's efforts. By acknowledging the rights of children to be protected from what has been socially-sanctioned abuse we can stop the cycle of violence and raise our children to become non-violent adults.

My twenty-year-old son was raised without spanking and he has turned out great. He is intelligent, well-behaved, considerate and caring, and I am very proud of the young man he has become. He also has strong self-confidence and self-esteem, two characteristics closely related to freedom from spanking.


Steve Lamb
San Anselmo, California

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