It breaks my heart
Two letters from a Tennessee mom
November 2000

My name is Catherine Lawson. I live in Pikeville Tn. My children are being psychology mistreated. My ad/hd son was asked if he was going to work in a circus his whole life and "What are You STUPID?" by the coach who was acting principal. I have had numerous problems with this school system. Last week my son was suspened because he told a teacher he spelled his name wrong. The teacher then smacked him and Josh of course walked out of the class. I have had both of my sons in counciling as a result of the way they are treated in this school system. Josh was told when in a bad situation he cannot control to leave. He did and got suspened for his action. What about the teachers bragging because they broke a paddle on a child? I do not find this amusing. It breaks my heart.
Thank You for your responce . You can publish my letter and my name also. I am at my wits end with this school system. If I could afford to home school that's what I would be doing. This was the last straw for me. I cannot let my children be treated like this any longer. The school thinks they are doing nothing wrong. They have told me the state gives them the right to discipline children any way they see fit. I think this is wrong. Thank you again.

Catherine Lawson


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