California no spanking bill
SOURCE: FOX40 KTXL, January 11, 2007

SACRAMENTO A new bill wants to outlaw parents from spanking their children. The assemblywoman sponsoring the measure wants to protect those who can't defend themselves, but is it taking governing too far?

Spanking is a touchy issue for many people. Some use it. Others don't. An assemblywoman wants to ban all forms, even a slap on the hand.

Speaker Pro Temp Sally Lieber plans to introduce a bill that would ban any form of spanking of kids less than three years old. That's includes spanking hands, faces or bottoms. Lieber said, "That would include slapping, spanking, smacking, hitting, punching, any striking of a child."

Lieber said, "The borders begin to blur and there ought to be a bright line in the law that says no hitting a child 3 years or under."

We found parents on both sides of the spanking issue, but many, whether they agreed with spanking or not, felt the government shouldn't tell parents how to parent.

Karen Fontaine is both a parent and grandparent. She said, "What else are they going to do next, are they going to take over and raise our children?"

Kary Mansu is also a parent, "I think it's a moral issue. How do you put a moral issue into law? How do you control it?"

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