SPANKING - Questions and answers about disciplinary violence
Olivier Maurel


Olivier Maurel is a retired French teacher who has written several books on the subject of violence and non-violence. He is also president of the Observatory of Ordinary Disciplinary Violence (OVEO), which he founded in 2005. He is the father of five children and has eight grandchildren. He currently lives in Le Pradet, France.

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    (collective work)
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    Maspero, 1973

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1 – A Brief History of Disciplinary Violence
2 – The Nature of Disciplinary Violence and Opinions on the Matter
3 – Why we must stop using corporal punishment
4 – How can we raise children without hitting?
5 – Why is it necessary to ban disciplinary violence?
6 – What to do?
7 – Question for the author
8 – Questions for the reader

World geography of disciplinary violence by continent and country

I – Introduction for the EMIDA Family Education Program
II – Why the Church must denounce ordinary disciplinary violence
III – Resistance every advocate of a spanking ban can expect to face
IV – Declaration against "disciplinary" violence