Letter of support from Maryam Mehran, February 5, 1999
February 5, 1999

Nathan Miley, Chair
Public Safety Committee
Oakland, CA

Dear Chairman Miley:

There is a great opportunity for you and your committee to help end the cycle of family violence and child abuse not only in Oakland but also across the United States. All great endeavors start with the first step and you are in a position to take that crucial first step.

As an educator, counselor and a doctorate in elementary and early childhood education, I have had many experiences with child abuse and family violence. In my dictionary corporal punishment and spanking equates with child abuse and family violence. I have seen time and again the damage corporal punishment inflicts on children and consequently their family and community.

Let us end the cycle of child abuse and let us show others that spanking is not a form of discipline but an addiction to hurt children. Please endorse the pending resolution proposed by Mr. Jordan Riak. Lets make Oakland a "no-spanking zone" and our world a safer place to live.


Maryam Mehran, Ed.D
Dublin, CA

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