Misty Melvin's letter to Wyoming Governor Geringer, March 18, 2002

Dear Governor Geringer:

I am concerned about the ramifications of passing Senate File 74. How can any type of bruising be considered okay? For that matter, how can corporal punishment be considered reasonable? We have laws which protect adult victims (women/men/prisoners) from any type of violent acts (whether verbal or physical), but it is okay to promote violence against children. Violence is violence. A victim is a victim. A child feels pain no differently than an adult and should be offered the same protections. There is no difference in a child being "corporally punished" than in a husband "beating his wife into submission" or an employer "hitting an employee for being late" or a slaveowner "whipping his slaves for disobedience". Would you allow a nursing home to "beat your grandmother for incontinence as long as it involved only minor bruising?" Think smart - and think for our future. Children need the same protections we all take for granted. Veto this legal form of child abuse!! Thank you.

Misty Melvin

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