Membership in PTAVE is informal and there are no set dues or fees. Members who contribute generously or modestly have equal standing. Since membership is drawn from around the globe, it is impractical for us to have meetings -- that is, physical meetings. We are more interested in a meeting of minds, and our Web site serves as a virtual meeting hall. The program is in constant session and everyone is welcome.

Who is a member, and what do members do? The person who embraces the notion that children merit the same protections against assault and battery that adults take for granted... the person who speaks out on behalf of children when their rights are violated... the person who intervenes to stop abuse... that person qualifies as a Life Member of our organization. If you are such a person, welcome aboard!

And there are the practical concerns. PTAVE faces a constant challenge to cover the costs of printing, postage, office supplies and related operating expenses. Please visit Donations and do what you can to help.

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