A "Christian husband" responds to Riak, August 14, 1996

I was interested in you post as I also believe stongly in spanking and even in spanking a wife when needed. I assure you it is only for discipline and there is no sexual side to it. I believe that there would be much less domestic violence and divorce in the man took the lead in the home and when the wife was out of line, giving a good spanking rather that a puch, kick or even having a big fight. I do differ with you a little in that I believe that a spanking should be hard enough to make her cry and if she is showing a rebellious spirit in regard to the spanking it ought to be hard enough to take that out of her. Even in regard to children the Bible says not to spare for their crying Prov. 19:18. I expect more from my wife than my children so I would discipline her accordingly. Although, after 13 years of marriage she probably only gets spanked about once every year and a half. Anyway, I thought I would just touch base with you and let you know there are some with like beliefs without all of the sexual junk. I just beleive as a christian husband that will stand before God for my wife and kids, that there has to be some means of correcting bad behavior in them. I have found spanking to be very effective and has saved us many angry agruements. Jim

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