Schoolyard shooting: a motive emerges
Researched by E.K. for PTAVE, April 21, 1998
From Reuters 3/24/98:
"It was not immediately clear what the boys' motives were, although local reports said they may have been recently disciplined by school teachers."
From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 3/25/98:
"Students also said the older boy had gotten into trouble Monday at school and was angry with one of the teachers, but authorities refused to confirm that.

"One teacher said the teacher the boy was angry with had been shot.

"Karen Curtner, the middle school principal, would not confirm if either suspect had been suspended or disciplined earlier this week."

From The Boston Globe 3/26/98:
"On Monday, classmates and their parents said, Johnson brought a pocket knife to school, and rumors spread through the hallways that he had been paddled for the violation, a practice allowed in Arkansas schools."
See "Boy who opened fire wanted to teach everybody a lesson"

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