Communication from Jimmy Dunne,, April 30, 1998

Subject: SpankOut Day, KPRC talk radio

I called KPRC talk radio about 9:30am and until 11:00am virtually every call was about spanking. The show was hosted by Walter Cunningham, a former Astronaut who subs for the host. Unfortunately almost all of the calls were pro-spanking. Some comments:

1. Cunningham, "Spanking is a no-brainer, it didn't hurt me, my children or his grandchildren."

2. God said in the Bible that parents should use the rod, and I'll take God's word over anybody elses.

3. Every day my children were well-behaved was SpankOut Day.

4. I didn't spank my children but did a little bit of pinching. Only twice when my child misbehaved in a restaurant, I took him outside and pinched him. Later when he acted up I only had to say "Do you want to go outside for a talk?"

5. I work in an after-school day care program and we are not allowed to spank. We use Time-out for 5-10 minutes until the child calms down. It works because kids are so spoiled, they don't get any other punishment.

6. One lady likes James Dobson's ideas.

7. You have to spank while the child is small and the hand fits the butt because when they grow up and their fist hits your mouth, ...

We have a lot of work to do!!
Jimmy Dunne in Houston

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