The Arizona Daily Star, March 6, 1998

Girl suffocates during restraint

Edith Campos, 15, of San Ysidro, Calif., died Feb. 4, two days after she stopped breathing after a psychiatric worker ``laid over'' her to restrain her at Desert Hills Center for Youth and Families, 2797 N. Introspect Drive, according to a Child Protective Services report.

A final autopsy report is pending and several agencies are investigating her death.

Desert Hills' current owner, Youth and Family Centered Services of Austin, Texas, took over the facility Nov. 1. The company pointed out that not all the incidents listed here happened under its management.

Desert Hills' previous owner, Youth Services International, bought the two Tucson facilities in October 1996. The original owners of Desert Hills called their company Introspect Healthcare Corp.

Other documented incidents in which teens were injured at Desert Hills include:

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