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An American GULAG
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The Teen Vigil in NYC has been rescheduled for noon, Friday June 19th at Marymount Manhattan College 221 E. 71st St. If you plan to attend, please contact TeenAid Voicemail: 303-444-1383.

NewsRelease for Teen Vigil at Marymount: TEEN KIDNAPPED FROM NYC SCHOOL

Should teens have the right to be free of the fear of abduction in their own home? Do they have the right to be free of the fear of kidnap from school?

On April 24th, a teenage girl was dragged, screaming in terror from Marymount Manhattan College by three men and a woman. She was dragged down the steps toward a black sedan with dark tinted windows that obscured a view of the inside. Still screaming, she tried to call for help from people passing on the street.

People, startled by this violence, stopped to watch but no one tried to help the teen. As a crowd gathered, the girl was pulled toward the car, then tried to hold onto the top of the car as the three men and the woman pushed her into the back seat. Her screams brought neighbors on this upper east side street to their windows. One was a reporter for a large newspaper who ran down to try and help her.

Several friends of the girl, standing to the side of the crowd were weeping. When the reporter, aghast, tried to find out what was happening he was told by the crying teens that it was "an intervention."

He called it an abduction. A police officer who appeared as the young girl was forcefully shoved into the car, stood to the side watching as the door slammed shut and the car sped off. The reporter took down the license number, tracked down the abductors -- an "escort" service -and traced the girl to a behavior modification facility called The Family, in upstate New York.

An American GULAG, Boarding Schools from Hell,

describes a fast-rising parent-funded private prison system for teens. To help protect the civil and human rights of teens, and help reform this unregulated industry of violent "behavior modification," Ms Parks founded TeenAid.

At noon, on Friday, June 19th TeenAidís founder Alexia Parks will help mark the site of the teen abduction at Marymount and discuss the Right of Teens to be free of the fear of kidnap. Ms Parks will be joined by Daniel Jeffreys, contributing editor for *Marie Claire* magazine and U.S. features correspondent for The London Times. Mr Jeffreys witnessed the abduction. The press conference will also include Mr Herb Seiffert, great uncle of David Van Blarigan (16). Davidís abduction from his Oakland, CA home in the middle of the night was described in a two-page article in TIME magazine (1/26/98).

Other special guests include Sara Pursley who was recently featured in on-line Salon Magazine. Salon described the work of Sara and Bennett Haselton in posting web sites for An American GULAG and their discovery of anti-free-speech techniques used by Behavior Modification schools on the Internet. Teens, including those who represent organizations that support the TeenAid cause will also be present to talk with the news media.

Marymount Manhattan College is located at 221 E. 71st St. NYC.


Membership in TeenAid is $25. New members will be sent an (unabridged) copy of An American GULAG. The expose can be donated to a local middle or high school. Contributions to support the activities of TeenAid can be sent to The Education Exchange Network (T.E.E.N) Box K, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025.

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