Bob Sutton's letter to a journalist about the death of his daughter, Michelle, who died of dehydration while on a forced march without water at Summit Quest, a punitive youth camp in Utah

Copy received by PTAVE, August 17, 1998.

I just read your article (Business AZ Usual 8/6/98) and found it good. I have never spoken with you and over the years have found that no one seems to care much that I had a daughter who died in Utah. Soon after Michelle died we tried contacting every agency possible that could help make sure that justice was served, even writting a letter to the then acting governor rose mofford (small characters intentional). You have probably heard Michelle's story from Cathy. I told it so many times that my heart is broken forever. I can`t tell you how many nights and days I spent envisioning what Michelle went through in those 7 (SEVEN) days they had my daughter. I called the Mojave Sheriffs office so many times for an update into the case that I still have the number memorized after 8 years. If you don`t have children you could never imagine what it`s like to have your heart ripped from your chest. If you have a daughter call me sometime and I`ll tell you Michelle's story. I wish you could tell me who was on the board of directors for the arizona boys ranch during the year of 1990 and if there was a board of directors for summit quest, who were they? I knew that when MICHELLE died there were politics involved but I didn`t know mofford was so involved. Was the chief DA on the board at that time? I get sick of hearing that boys ranch is non-profit and I never hear what bob thomas is worth or his non-profit salary. Can you tell me how much arizona has made off California over the last ten years from these types of programs? You appear to be a reporter of quality. Something that is hard to find these days. I know you may not answer my questions but I would appreciate your trying. Keep up the good work!!


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