Dayton Daily News, September 11, 1999

Parent files lawsuit over teacher's discipline
By Joanne Huist Smith


The mother of a second-grader who was tied to a desk at Alden Brown Elementary School in Carlisle two years ago has sued the teacher and the school district for more than $625,000.

School records show the incident was one of two in just over a month where school administrators said teacher Larry R. Price used inappropriate discipline measures.

The lawsuit filed in Warren County Court on behalf of Timikka Turner of Middletown and her son, Robert Jackson, contended Price physically restrained the child and left him unattended on Sept. 5, 1997. Turner claimed the Carlisle school district was negligent for failing to adequately supervise Price to prevent him from engaging in unreasonable corporal punishment.

"It's really premature for me to comment on the lawsuit," said Dennis Hern, superintendent of Carlisle schools. "We haven't even looked at the paperwork yet."

Price has been employed in the Carlisle school district since 1982. He teaches English at Carlisle High School.

Neither Turner or Price could not be reached for comment.

Two years ago, Price admitted tying a cord loosely around the child to get him to sit correctly at his desk, according to documents in his personnel file. School records show Price also said he left the boy unattended while he took other students to the restroom.

Price was suspended without pay for five days for his actions and was directed to take a college class in classroom management and discipline.

Less than a month later, Price again used inappropriate discipline with a student, according to a letter written by Carlisle Middle School Principal Stan Coppock.

"In my opinion, you showed a lack of professional judgement when you inappropriately responded to a minor disciplinary problem. I feel picking up a students books and dropping them on the floor shows disrespect and intimidation toward that student," Coppock said.

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