NewsNet May 13, 1998

Accused Child-Torturer Cites Bible

Lorain Man Accused of Torturing Children--Says Treatment Is Based On Bible

LORAIN, Ohio, Posted 5:24 p.m. May 13, 1998 --A father is in jail today for paddling his stepchildren.

Adam Gerrard Massie
Adam Gerrard Massie, 21, of Lorain, faces four counts of child endangering, a third-degree felony, after police reported he was paddling four of his five stepchildren so severely the children have lasting scars.

Massie was arrested this week on a secret indictment and is in the Lorain County jail on a $50,000 bond.

Massie is accused of using a wooden paddle wrapped in black electrical tape or a belt to administer punishment to the children.

Massie, who attends the Victory Baptist Church in Elyria, allegedly uses Biblical doctrine to justify his behavior. No one from the church was available for comment.

The children, ages four, six, seven, eight and 10, are the natural children of Massie's wife Elizabeth, 26, from previous relationships. She was not available for comment.

The police apparently first learned of the alleged abuse when they were called to help find the eldest child, who had apparently run away from home after receiving demerits in school.

Police reports indicate the child said she fled out of fear of her stepfather. She was found with bruises and marks on her face, allegedly inflicted by Massie.

In addition, Massie allegedly submerged the six-and seven-year-old children in hot water, only releasing them once the younger child vomited.

The children's grandmother also told police she feared the children would be more severely harmed.

Police say Massie has a history of violence and domestic abuse. Investigators are looking into Elizabeth Massie's role in the alleged abuse. Police believe she may have been a victim as well.

Massie could be arraigned as early as tomorrow.

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