Indian Express News Service, May 5, 1998

Himachal Pradesh Government Bans School Corporal Punishment

SHIMLA, May 4: The Himachal Pradesh Government has decided to completely ban ``corporal'' punishment in the educational institutions, especially the schools to protect the rights of the students minors not excluded.

The state Human Rights Commission, which had ordered an inquiry into the case of beating up of a child in a school at Palampur, was informed by the government that corporal punishment was being ``deleted'' from the education code. Under the existing clauses of the code, the teachers had the right to impose corporal punishments on the earring children. However, once the clause gets deleted, the teachers resorting to such harsh measures would face punitive action. According to a report published in The Indian Express, the school teacher had given a beating to the students at Palampur and as a result a child was disabled. Chairman of the Human Rights Commission Justice P.C.Balakrishnan Menon had ordered an inquiry into the cases by sub divisional magistrate, Palampur. The commission has written to the authorities of Indira Gandhi Medical College to submit report on the condition of the child and also the kind of treatment he required.

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