Spanker slapped with jail time
By Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun,
October 31, 2001

The "Ryerson Spanker" has been slapped with a 16-month sentence for his bizarre fetish.

Aaron Benditt, 28, pleaded guilty Monday to sexually assaulting boys aged 15 to 17 whom he had met at a Scarborough church in March. Benditt lured them with promises of jobs reviewing video games.

"Without warning, he would pull his victims over his knee and spank them," Crown attorney Suhail Akhtar said.

A psychiatric report indicated Benditt's a risk to re-offend -- noting four separate convictions -- but recommended sex offender treatment at Ontario Correctional Institute and counselling once he's released on probation.

In custody

Benditt has been in custody for 242 days since his arrest March 13 and was sentenced to an additional 16 months by Justice Gail Dobney. He was also given three years probation.

The son of the former assistant deputy finance minister of Manitoba, Benditt was sentenced to 16 months in 1998 after he spanked a 15-year-old boy in High Park.

A year earlier, the former Ryerson journalism student pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault for slapping three male Ryerson students on the rump.

He admitted also he tried to spank a 19-year-old on April Fool's Day 1997 and, later that month, spanked another student, telling him he was researching corporal punishment.


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