Sub teacher eyed for assault facing prior charges
By Patricia Cronin
Boston Herald, November 29, 2002

Litchfield, N.H., police are investigating allegations that a substitute teacher hit a fifth-grade student with a book on Monday, but the sub is already facing two prior assault charges at a different school.

In Monday's incident, David Wallisch, 48, of Hudson allegedly hit a fifth-grader on the head with a math text book for talking in class. According to police, no charges have been filed and the case is still under investigation.

``I don't think there is any behavior that should provoke this kind of response,'' School Superintendent Randy Bell told the Manchester Union Leader.

Earlier this week, Wallisch was charged by Derry police with two counts of simple assault on a 13- and 14-year-old during a Nov. 12 incident at the Gilbert H. Hood Middle School.

``The 14-year-old had been punched in the face and the 13-year-old was kicked in the groin,'' said Derry police Sgt. Barry Charewicz.

``(Wallisch) claimed that he was having problems with a particular student, that he was throwing dodge balls at him. He tried to control the class and (the 14-year-old) became confrontational,'' Charewicz said.

The 13-year-old, said Charewicz, tried to intervene on behalf of his friend. Charewicz said the students may be charged.

Bell said school officials had no way of knowing about the previous assaults.

``We had no knowledge of any incident in Derry at all. Had we known about any of that, we would never have hired him,'' Bell said.

Under New Hampshire state law, misdemeanor assault charges do not have to be listed on teacher records. Only felony charges such as sexual assaults are required to appear.


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