Teachers Warned On Corporal Punishment
By John Eremu, The New Vision (Kampala, Uganda)

July 2, 2003

THE Education Standards Agency has given a final warning to teachers who administer corporal punishment to pupils.

The agency’s deputy director, Moses Otyek, said corporal punishment, particularly caning, was banned in 1997.

He said the agency will not hesitate to de-register any teachers who perpetuate the practice, and submit their names to the Police for criminal prosecution.

“This is the last warning,” Otyek said. “If any parent reports that his or her child is caned, then you are out of the register. The headteacher and the deputy will be the first to pack because they are condoning the practice,” Otyek said in a stern address to St. Kizito Primary School teachers yesterday.

Otyek, who made a surprise visit to the Catholic Church-founded school near Bugolobi, in Kampala said they had since 2001 received consistent reports of caning at the school, including two incidents last week where a pupil collapsed in the course of punishment, while another was slapped and bled profusely through the nose.

“This is the last warning. If the administration doesn’t wake up, we shall not hesitate to recommend the closure of this school. You can turn it into a hospital. Guiding and counselling are the tools for problem-children not caning,” he said.

The headmistress, Ms. Pasqua Lakot and the deputy, Florence Mauso, attended the 11:00am meeting. They apologised and promised to stamp out the practice.

“We are going to take your advice seriously and improve. We recognise any mistakes and are sorry,” Lakot said.


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