Jimmy Dunne's letter to The Groveton News (Texas)
May 3, 2004

Dear Groveton News:

I was shocked to read about the brutal school paddling that Justin Causby, 10 and a 5th grader, received from his coach for making some derogatory remarks about the coach. The child is badly bruised from this outrageous beating with a wooden paddle by a big strong man.

The first thing the Groveton schools should do is to abolish corporal punishment in their schools as 28 of our states have done. The next thing is for the district attorney to file criminal child abuse charges against the abusive coach.

I hope the parents of Justin file a million dollar lawsuit and win every penny of it because of the ongoing abuse of children in the Groveton schools.

School paddling is legalized child abuse. It is wrong to hit children with boards, belts or extension cords.

Adults are role models for children's behavior. When we cuss, children learn to curse. When we hit, slap or spank, children learn to hit.

See www.nospankingzone.org

Jimmy Dunne, Pres. People Opposed to Paddling Students or POPS, 1306 W. Brooklake, Houston, TX 77077

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