AISD code permits use of paddling AISD code permits use of paddling
By Celinda Emison
Abeline Reporter News, August 1, 2004

Corporal punishment is included in the student code of conduct at Abilene Independent School District.

Don Eiland, director of student services, said corporal punishment is not used a great deal in Abilene, and the decision is left up to the parents.

''Parents have to sign a consent form, and if they choose not to sign it, we honor that,'' Eiland said.

Paddling is used very cautiously by administrators in grades prekindergarten through 12, he said.

When paddling is used, the principal must follow guidelines set by the AISD board.

The student must be informed of the reason for the punishment.

It must be administered by a principal, vice principal or teacher in the presence of another administrator or teacher.

The punishment is done out of the view of other students.

The administrator must consider the physical and emotional condition of the student.

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