City View (TX) Principal Makes Changes Following Paddling Incident City View (TX) Principal Makes Changes Following Paddling Incident
KFDX3, September 14, 2004

A week after 3 City View parents met with the high school principal over a paddling that left marks on their sons, the principal says some changes are being made. According to two of the students` parents, four City View football players were paddled by two coaches on September 3rd at the school`s field house. The parents say the paddling left visible marks on the boys for several hours after the paddling. On one of the boys, the parents say you could still see the marks 20 hours after the paddling.

The parents who met with Principal Steve Harris about the incident say they support corporal punishment, but they did not agree with the way it was administered. One father says the coaches who spanked his son meant to leave the marks.

Principal Harris says he has replaced the paddle used in the incident with what he calls a regulation paddle. He says he`s asked that all future discipline matters be referred to himself or to head coach Steve Hicks. However, he will not honor the parents` request to be notified and present before corporal punishment is administered. He says that does not follow district policy. Wichita Falls detectives are also investigating the paddlings. They will turn their findings over to the D.A.`s office.

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