ISPCC supports ban on slapping children
Irish Examiner, June 8, 2005

The ISPCC is urging the Government to introduce a legal ban on slapping children.

It follows a ruling by the European Committee on Social Rights which found Ireland in breach of EU human rights legislation.

Parents and guardians are allowed to use physical punishment here, under the common law defence of "reasonable chastisement".

The ISPCC’s Paul Gilligan says most parents now reject slapping as a form of discipline.

"There are 14 other (European) countries that have banned physical punishment," he said.

"I think all other European countries will have a ban in the next five years. I think it’s a question of time rather than one of ‘if’", said Mr Gilligan.

He said that he believes that Ireland could be one of the countries that could lead on this issue if we take the initiative that is given to us by acting on this ruling now.

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