‘Child MPs’ seek end to beatings at schools
By Mizan Rahman
Gulf Times, August 9, 2005

BANGLADESH Children taking part in a mock parliament of 64 representatives, one from each of the 64 districts, have asked for a law against physical punishment at schools.

They urged Prime MinisterKhaleda Zia, law minister Moudud Ahmed and Education Minister M Osman Faruk to ensure justice in the Dipu murder and introduce a law to stop physical punishment at schools. The speaker of the parliament, Shafiqul Islam Talukdar, sent a memorandum to the ministers.

Child parliamentarians said physical punishment and other kinds of punishment in schools are a major problem for children.

They said whipping or any kind of physical punishment at school hurts proper development of children. The child parliament has held four sessions so far and it was during the last session that they discussed physical punishment.

Local Government Minister Abdul Mannan Bhuyan was present as chief guest in the last session of the child parliament.

The child parliamentarians urged ministers to ensure justice in the Dipu killing case. Dipu Islam, a 13-year-old boy of the Nayatola Government Primary School, is the latest victim of corporal punishment. Dipu died on July 5 in hospital and the post-mortem report confirmed that Dipu’s death had been caused by injuries from beatings by teachers at school.

Children said physical and all other punishment at schools should be stopped.

The parliament works under the supervision of Save the Children, Australia.

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