Principal defends smacking pamphlet
Source: RNZ/One News
August 24, 2005

The principal of a small christian school in Auckland doesn't believe there's anything wrong with sending smacking guidelines to parents.

Carey College gave guidelines to parents outlining how to smack their children on the buttocks with their hand or a rod in what it calls an expression of love - responsible parenting in the child's best interests.

The pamphlet was sent out after steps were taken in parliament last month to ban smacking in New Zealand.

The Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro says it is irresponsible and misguided for a school to send out the pamphlet.

But, Carey College principal Michael Drake says the school has always supported parents right to smack their children and has sent the information to parents in response to the anti-smacking bill.

He says he hasn't had any complaints from parents of the private school's 50 students about the pamphlet.

The proposed anti-smacking legislation will be considered after the election.

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