Boy, 4, frightened of spanking, dies in fire
SOURCE:, January 9, 2007

ARLINGTON, Texas -- A 4-year-old boy has died and his mother and 3-year-old sister are hospitalized after an apartment fire Monday afternoon in Arlington.

"I flew out the window head first and I was just laying there a little bit blacked out," older sister Katrina Do said.

Do bears visible scars of the tragedy her family suffered on Monday.

She barely escaped a fire that swept through the family's apartment, killing her 4-year-old brother, Dillon Soulivong.

"Ten minutes later, they pulled him out and it was too late. He's gone," Do said.

Dressed in donated clothes, Do returned to the apartment looking to salvage food or clothing. She said her little brother might have started the fire.

"My mom told me that he lit the Christmas tree on fire, he was playing with lighters and he had lit it on fire," Do said.

Choked by the thick smoke, Do said her only escape was an upstairs window.
Sister: "He was so scared, he didn't want to listen to nobody because he knew he was going to get a spanking..."

She jumped, knocking herself unconscious. Neighbors rescued her mother and younger sister, but her brother was still trapped inside.

"He was so scared, he didn't want to listen to nobody because he knew he was going to get a spanking or something, you know, for starting the fire. So he didn't know what to do, he was running around. I would have grabbed him, but I couldn't breathe either," Do said.

Do said the family lost just about everything, and they will stay with relatives and friends in Arlington.

"Being spanked throws children into a state of powerful confusion, making it difficult for them to learn the lessons adults claim they are trying to teach."

Plain Talk About Spanking Riak, 2007 ( p. 3)


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