Uganda: Son Tortured for Wetting Bed
By Ali Mambule, New Vision (Kampala), February 16, 2007

THE Police in Kyotera town have arrested a man who tied a brick on the manhood of his nine-year-old son for wetting his bed.

John Mugerwa of Kasaali sub-county in Rakai district tied the boy's hands and laid him on the ground. Western Union

He then tied a brick on the boy's genitals using sisal.

Mugerwa locked the house, leaving the boy in agony, and went to work at Kachanga Market.

Moments later, the whole foreskin of the penis was torn due to the heavy weight of the brick, leaving the boy in excruciating pain.

It was the wail of the boy which drew the attention of the residents.

"The residents heard the boy crying in great pain and broke into the house. They found blood oozing from his penis after the foreskin fell off with the brick," said Henry Kavuma, the officer in charge Kyotera Police Post.

Enraged residents first rushed the boy to Kyotera Medical Clinic, where he underwent an operation immediately. Dr. Katwire said the wound would take long to heal.

The residents returned to Mugerwa's home and razed a banana plantation.

Mugerwa, however, told The New Vision that he wanted to punish his son to deter him from wetting the bed.

"I did not know that the brick would over power the boy's penis and it was not my intention to hurt him."

Kavuma said Mugerwa was saved from a mob that wanted to lynch him at the market.

According to Mugerwa's neighbours, he separated with the boy's mother before she died. He allegedly used to torture his son.



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