SA set to extend spanking ban to the home
Mail & Guardian, May 30, 2007

Cape Town, South Africa

South African lawmakers have given their thumbs up to a proposed law banning parents or guardians from spanking their charges.

The law is an attempt to widen a ban on corporal punishment in schools, which was passed several years ago, to the home.

No child may be subjected to corporal punishment...
"No child may be subjected to corporal punishment or be punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way," the Children's Amendment Bill states.

"Prosecution of a parent or person holding parental responsibilities and rights ... may be instituted if the punishment constitutes abuse of the child."

The draft was passed on Tuesday by the National Council of Provinces.

It now has to pass through the National Assembly before being rubberstamped by President Thabo Mbeki. -- AFP

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