Father arrested for belting child speaks out
By Chris Redford, credford@ktbs.com, KTBS3 July 28, 2008

He calls it discipline, but authorities call it abuse. A Bossier Parish man arrested for allegedly beating his kids is speaking out about the charges.

Arndra Stephens says he just wanted to talk to his son about taking things that don't belong to him, but that talk apparently got out of hand. He says he's not a child-beating monster. "I'm not no evil person. Everyone who knows me, I'm not no evil person," Stephen said.

Stephens was arrested last week for aggravated battery and cruelty to a juvenile after he spanked his kids with a belt.

Lt. Ed Baswell with Bossier Parish says Stephens crossed the fine line between discipline and abuse.

Stephens admits one of the kids got hit in the face, but he says it wasn't intentional. He says the children were struggling with him and each other.

Baswell isn't saying parents shouldn't discipline their kids, but he says they should be careful how they do it.

Stephens is also charged with the aggravated battery of his girlfriend. Police say she was struck when she tried to step in.

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