Just in case, MGSD removes corporal punishment from the books, By Melinda Skutnick, Mooresville Tribune, August 15, 2008

Although Mooresville school officials say they cannot recall the last time a student was spanked, the Mooresville Graded School District Board of Education has removed the corporal punishment allowance from its policy books.

Adopted as Policy Code 4355 on June 26, 1991, the newly removed corporal punishment guideline stated that “in order to maintain an orderly atmosphere and control student behavior, corporal punishment is one of several options available to teachers and principals. However, (it) must be regarded as a last resort and may be employed only in cases where other means of securing cooperation from the student have failed.”

District officials note that the policy has not been enforced or used for as long as they can remember in the MGSD.

Removing the policy at Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting thus officially forbids the use of corporal punishment – spanking of “the buttocks by hand or paddle,” according to the documented code – among principals, teachers and other school personnel.

Also Tuesday, … [rest of article deleted as irrelevant]

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