Union County school dress code violations can get corporal punishment, Union County school dress code for 2008-2009, Starke, Florida, Bradford County Telegraph, August 15, 2008

All students attending Union County schools should be properly groomed and attired while on school property and when participating in school activities.

Clothing or accessories that are inappropriate, suggestive, indecent, obscene and/or distracting to the overall educational process are expressly prohibited.

In addition to the general policy, specific rules will be enforced on all Union county school district properties.

  • Any clothing that suggest or encourages gang-related activity will NOT be allowed.
  • Clothing with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, patches or insignia that are offensive, obscene, profane, suggestive or that is drug, tobacco, alcohol or gang-related is strongly prohibited.
  • Sunglasses and ALL headgear are prohibited. This includes hats, caps, scarves, bandannas, do-rags, curlers, combs and picks. No pajama pants or tops allowed.
  • See-thru clothing must have appropriate underclothing.
    All shirt shoulder straps must measure at least 2" across. No strapless or backless clothing allowed.
  • Attire that exposes the midriff (front and back) and cleavage are not allowed. No muscle shirts or shirts with sleeves cut out.
    Shorts, skirts and dresses that are more than 6" above the top of the kneecap are prohibited. Slits in dresses or skirts will be measured in the same fashion. Leggings are allowed when worn underneath appropriates shorts or skirts.
    Shoes must be worn at all times. No bedroom shoes or slippers.
  • Clothing and shoes should be clean and in acceptable condition to the absolute best of the student's ability. In extreme cases, a student whose clothing is unacceptably offensive either in odor or in cleanliness may be sent home to change.

Students who go home to change because of improper clothing will be marked with an unexcused absence for the classes missed. Second and subsequent violations of this dress code will result in disciplinary action such as detention, corporal punishment or assigned to in-school suspension.

Note: The decision of school administrative staff will be final in determining whether any student's clothing, jewelry or accessories are deemed inappropriate, unsafe or disruptive.

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