Outraged Robeson County Parent's letter to Paula Flowe, September 5, 2008

Hello Paula,

I am writing to you from NC. We spoke today via telephone about the use of corporal punishment in Robeson county. My child transferred to Robeson county schools in February of this year. He had a little bit of trouble transitioning and they had seen it as being unruly. I was called in from work and into the principals office I thought that he had done something seriously wrong. He was in the office with the principal, vice principal, myself, and they later called in his teacher. I would also like to inform you that my son is only five. They told me that my son told them no he was not going to write his name and that he was refusing to do his work because he said that he did not know how. They then went on to tell me that there was another form of punishment and that was paddling! I about fell out of my chair. She then went on to ask me to sign a waiver to allow them to paddle my son!!! I looked at her and with all sincerity said not just no, but absolutely not!!! I was then told that I needed to take him home so I took him and went about my way. We went on for the next few weeks with phone calls about every other day. I was called back in to speak with the assistant principal...she informed me again that I could sign the waiver so they could paddle my son and both times he was present, her words to me were, " I promise I won't kill him, it won't hurt that bad." I reminded her that if they put their hands on my son that they would have bigger problems that they knew how to handle because I would go to whoever I needed to and I would tell it as loud as I could, in whatever way so everyone could hear me. I will say this that we as parents send our children to school expecting that they are to be safe; not to be worried that my child may be abused by the very people we expect to protect them. As a mother it is my responsibility to do whatever I need to do to protect my children from whomever and whatever all the time. If I were to go to the middle of the mall and take a paddle out of my diaper bag and commence to beating my child I would be arrested and thrown in jail. Why should it be any different for them. I am saying this now I am screaming it from the top of my lungs now for everyone to hear. It is time for a change corporal punishment is not just wrong it is barbaric it has to stop. I will not sit by and wait for them to hit my child I am doing something now before they get a chance.

Ms. Paula, I am personally thanking you for everything that you are doing.



Paula Flowe is Director of www.thehittingstopshere.com

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