Teachers Face Axe Over Corporal Punishment
By Fortunate Ahimbisibwe, New Vision (Kampala), November 12, 2008

UGANDA -- The Government will sack head teachers and teachers who use corporal punishment to discipline students and pupils, the higher education state minister has said.

Addressing journalists in Kampala recently, Gabriel Opio said corporal punishment has been linked to the high drop out rate in schools.

The just-concluded education sector review conference resolved to end corporal punishment in schools. The education ministry also launched a handbook on alternatives to corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment was abolished in schools in 2006 but the practice has continued in several schools countrywide.

Education Funding Agencies Group coordinator Kevin Kelly said although the Government spends a lot of money on primary education, the completion rate had remained at 50%.

"The low completion rate should be a national concern and all stakeholders should put their efforts to reduce dropout among pupils," he said.

The education ministry recently launched the quality enhancement initiative to improve performance in primary schools.


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