Letter to the Editor: Stop allowing school spanking
By Cindy Parker, Journal Gazette, February 27, 2009

I am challenging every lawmaker in the state of Indiana to put an end to our children being beaten in the schools that we support with our money. Imagine someone twice your size whacking you with a large piece of wood. Violence is not a teaching tool; it is a way for adults to take out their frustrations on children and feel powerful and important.

This is happening every day and causing serious physical injuries, not to mention emotional harm. To make matters worse, the perpetrator is protected by law. Schools that allow children to be beaten are more violent than ones that donít.

I challenge residents to take 10 minutes to research this online. Then take another 10 minutes to call or write your state representatives. Tell them that Indiana residents do not want to bully children. Twenty minutes out of one day could save many children a lifetime of pain.

We, as a society, must take responsibility for protecting children from bullies. For tips on other ways to help, visit thehittingstopshere.com.



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